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Title Service Tech.
Categories Employment
Salary Starts at 18.00 per hour depending on exsperience
Start Date 04012013
End Date 05152013
Location Grand Junction, Western Slope, Colorado
Job Information

dv678090We are always looking for extraordinary people. We understand that the great
people that work here are what make us an outstanding company and contribute
to our success. We are drug free work place and an equal opportunity employer

This position will require that any qualified candidate will have a minimum of
5 years of experience and must be 18 years old with a High school Diploma or

A basic job description is for the qualified HVAC personal to provide a
variety of HVAC/R maintenance services

Customer Service:

Present a professional, positive and helpful attitude at all times when
interacting with customers and co-workers. Exhibits an understanding of Human
Relations and functions as a team player

Observe additional maintenance needs requiring attention and report those to
the appropriate supervisor.

Physical Requirements:

Lifting, Climbing ladders, stairs, Bending or stooping, Extended
periods of walking and or being on your feet, Regular exposure to weather
conditions, Operating a motor vehicle, Owning and operating power or hand
tools, Exposure to potentially harmful chemicals or materials

Work Coordination:

Coordinate start and stop time to Service Manager for each call Organize all
work detail ( work performed, service recommendations, etc.) and
complete and accurate work ticket for billing and payroll purposes. Submit all
paperwork to the service manager within 48 hours of completion of each day’s wo
Obtain, record on work ticket and communicate to vendor an appropriate
purchase order number when purchasing job-related parts and supplies.

Basic Functions:

Water heater repairs, Preventative maintenance and building checks, Comb
coils, Piping practices, Refrigerant handling, Residential
troubleshooting,Commercial troubleshooting and repair, Furnace and Air
conditioner changouts, Advanced Controls, electric, pneumatic, DDS,
Refrigerant circuits and accessories, Air Properties and distribution,
Compressor and heat pump changouts, Advanced boiler operations, building
air balancing, Commercial refrigeration, Chilled water systems, Zone
systems and control, Advanced controls, Gas Piping and Water piping,
HVAC design, Ability to read blue prints, Cooling towers, Pump

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