Duct-WorkOur sheet metal division has grown from a very simple system in 1979 with just a handful of employees to a vast network of currently twelve employees in our fabrication shop and thirty sheet metal installations employees. We have several employees with well established accomplishment records and respectful tenures at our company.

The management has a philosophy of being fair to our employees and providing them with all the information, support and backup them in the field… 

Weducts in a row encourage promotion from within the company.  Many of our current Journeymen have made their way through our system and are now in charge of their own crews and projects.  We have also been fortunate to hire several employees that have brought with them many years of experience and our employees are encouraged to share their ideas and methodologies with each other.  So the combination of in house promotion along with outside experience allows the project managers to have a vast pool of knowledge and experience that gives us the flexibility to assign projects to the crews best suited for any given project.  We also promote open communication between all employees and project managers and encourage feedback from each other to make our system as efficient and productive as possible.  Our Journeymen and field superintendents are encouraged to review our budgets for the projects we have them on so they know how the project is progressing.



Our project formen are also encouraged to spend time reviewing plans and specifications to become familiar with the project beforehand so we can be ahead of the game and hit the ground running when it is time to begin our installation and stay ahead of the schedule set forth by the owner and general contractors. We have discovered that this practice has led us to see account for unforeseen issues and conflicts and allows us time to resolve potential problems long before they impact a construction schedule… This practiced operating procedure, along with our in-house coordination procedures is a proven system that allows us to complete our installations in a timely manner, allowing projects to stay on or ahead of the set schedule.

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